Welcome to ‘Your Stampin Scrapbooker’ Blog!!

Wow, I’m excited about this, and a bit nervous!! I have blogged before when I took a social media course a couple of years ago but this type of blogging has been calling my name for a while!!  I love my facebook but want to create a more personal space to share my thoughts and feelings about what I happening in the Stampin With Janley craft room!

Firstly, my new “handle” is “your stampin scrapbooker”!  I researched this as I didn’t want something over done, and yet, my first true love is the scrapbooking so I had to have that in there somewhere.

I have been a Stampin Up demonstrator for just over two years and have had so much fun getting to know the ladies around my area, doing classes and crops together, and sharing a general love over everything crafty.

Recently, as many of my crafty friends know, I have taken a leave of absence to stay home full time with my three girls and, with that, comes more time at home to craft, both with the girls and on my own.  So I cranked up the classes this fall, I’m eager to lead a team and am hoping to share my love of Stampin Up with more and more!

So….here goes!  yourstampinscrapbooker.com is launched!! Please bare with me as I get re-familiarized with the ins and outs and work on it’s general organization.

My goal for this blog is to share what is happening in my craftroom, share some of the amazing work that is out there by demonstrators all over the world, dive into the land of creating videos (yes, I said it!) and start to sell my classes in the form of a kit that you can order online and complete in the comfort of your own home!!

Yes, that sounds ambitious, but, aim high, right?

So for now, your stampin scrapbooker will be blogging and getting ready to work on my to-do list of goals!  Would love to hear from you all what your thoughts are on my goals and any comments you’d like to share. janleygrant@hotmail.com


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