Scrapbook Carnival 2016, here I come!


The countdown is on! I’m headed, along with many of my like-minded, memory-keeping friends, to the annual Scrapbook Carnival hosted by Creative Scrapbooker magazine!! The event is two days running Friday and Saturday at Spruce Meadows in south Calgary.  It is a part of the Creative Stitches Quilting Expo.

I look forward to this weekend, as it’s when I scrapbook most of our events and travels since the spring, including our summer family vacation.  The photo shows my piles of photos as I am planning and organizing to make as much effort as I can to pack as light as possible!!  (I’m never very good at that).

Another aspect that we all get excited about is the vendors!! There will be businesses from all over western Canada that are involved with the scrapbooking industry.  Given that Calgary only has about two scrapbooking stores (and Edmonton has oodles!!) we get pretty excited about the shopping (and all in one place!).

Have you ever been to a two day crop? or an overnight crop? even know what a crop is? Basically, we will sit down over the two days and scrapbook (or card-make, or create art of your choice) none-stop!  Registration includes a goodie bag and usually prizes or surprises!  Also, there is a layout contest and other fun games!  You know I will have photos of the fun to share next week… stay tuned!


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