Heading to the carnival!!! (not the one with cotton candy, a scrapbookers dream of a carnival!)


Tomorrow you will find me enjoying every moment as a scrapbooker at the annual Scrapbook Carnival hosted by Creative Scrapbooker Magazine at Spruce Meadows in Calgary.  I’m not the Stampin Up demo there, just a participant like everyone else and I really get to dive into my work and let it envelope me for the next 2 days.  I’ve been going for several years and it’s always an amazing time of creative fun, shopping and laughs with some awesome ladies, some of the craftiest I know!

Follow me on facebook for photos and updates over the next two days!  I will share my goodie bag and my shopping finds next week, as well as any layouts that the creative juices put together over the two days.

I’m packed and ready to go, and quite proud of myself, I have packed lighter than I have ever before (it helped that I pretty much packed all week and was able to repack numerous times)!  Super excited! Is it Friday yet?  No, because tonight is the Grey’s Anatomy premiere first!! Could this get any better??? Happy scrapping, Everyone!


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