My First Facebook LIVE!

Here is my first FACEBOOK LIVE POST

on my facebook page:

As a goal, I’ve been working towards moving towards having more of an online presence, potentially making videos of my card classes/tutorials and even selling my card classes in an online format.  I have had a few customers over the past couple of years in very rural areas that would appreciate having the opportunity to participate, so here goes!

Today was my first ever facebook live and I am pretty happy with it!  Thanks to all that joined and supported me, it was actually really fun!!  I hope you all will come back 🙂  Next week I will talk more about Project Life December Daily!  and show off some of my creations from the past two years, in more detail.  Bare with me, I’m in the process of also getting set up to do hands-only videos so I can showcase better in that format too.

Apologies, again, for the banging in the back of the video, the roofers are right above me doing the shingles on our house, they’ll be gone by next time!  Thanks!



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