Where have I been? and Year-End Close Outs!


Wow, I know, sorry for not posting in almost a week, blogging fail 😦  That being said, I can’t apologize for being so super busy with my family commitments.  I spent most of the early week making meatballs, ordering cakes, prepping for family to come stay for the weekend and Thursday night was Olivia’s Christmas concert.  It’s all really a blur since then. Oh, our Elf, “Elfie” also arrive on December 1st with a letter and an Advent Lego!  I think he will want to do some stamping sometime this season…hummmm


I had every intention of putting in my Occasions pre-order on Thursday when it openned, and I have yet to do it!! I know, crazy!  I will get it done tonight and those new catalogues will be in full force before you know it!  Friday night I pulled off a surprise birthday with our family and friends for Cory in downtown Calgary.  That was followed by a busy day of birthday celebration for our twins who turn 4 on the 14th and the girls night out, annual trip to A Christmas Carol at Theatre Calgary.  Yes, I have oodles to start putting in my Project Life December Daily so some catching up will be in order.  Lastly, today was supposed to be another girls trip to the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market.  My two sisters-in-law from Saskatoon were super excited, as well as my mother-in-law, but we woke up to a snowfall warning and bad weather rolling in.  My mother in law proceeded to pack up and get on the road back to Saskatchewan and a brother/sister in law also thought they should hit the dusty trail as well.  That left my other sister in law and me to turn on the 4 wheel drive and header into the market.

So here I am, Sunday night, time to get back to reality for a few weeks before we all see each other again at my in-laws in Saskatchewan.  So, I’m trying to get my to-do list down a bit and get a package off to my parents in Nova Scotia, as well as those things called…. Christmas cards…. I know, too funny, the lady who teaches card classes on making Christmas cards can barely find the time to actually address them and get them out.  I will get that done by the end of the week, hopefully. 🙂


So… what’s happening in year-end world??? Well, sale, sale, sale!  We’ve got retiring, we’ve got clearance, and we’ve got excess product!! If you are on the hunt for something, ask me and I’ll look it up… but best bet is to go through  the complete list or click the links in my shopping page. 🙂 

COMPLETE LIST – CLICK: product-list-ca


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