YouTube is a go!

I consider myself fairly tech savy, that being said, this YouTube business has been fairly painful. I mean, millions of people are uploading all the time, how hard can it be?

First it was the memory on my phone, okay, that’s my problem, keep the photos synced and delete videos as they are save, etc.  I can manage that.  Then when I filmed landscape the video would post sideways, you can only imagine the language I was spouting off in my craftroom at this point…..Then the uploading took a couple of hours on the first one I did privately.  My friend said that can be the case. Okay, moving on.  I attempted to upload this Valentine’s video the night before Valentine’s day and here we are a day after Valentine’s and it’s done.  So, let’s just say, I tried uploading from my phone, thinking maybe that would faster, nope, I cancelled that when it appeared it was going no where.  Then I tried again yesterday morning, thinking maybe my Internet is the problem as it appeared it would take 5 plus hours and who knows how much longer…I cancelled that this morning when it still wasn’t done…

So when all else fails, google!  Which resulted in…wait for it… a YouTube video on how to make your upload faster!  I’m sure I did this a while back but didn’t really get any where with it, this time, advice on the first video.  I simply saved the video to my comp desktop and voila, uploaded in 25 minutes!! I’m seriously confused why that matters but whatever, it works!  So after all this frustration and perhaps finally finding a way to get past the pain, I may be inspired to create and give it a go again, maybe today…

So here is my Valentine’s quick and easy creation, after Valentine’s day! lol There’s always next year, right? Or just a card for the love of your life any day!  😉

Please do not be too hard on me, I’ll get better! Thanks for the support, Everyone!


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