Wow Z Fold Card & VIDEO!

Lots in this post so keep scrolling for the entire scoop!

  1. The Inspiration
  2. Written Instructions & Supplies Required
  3. Video
  4. Variations – create your own – I’d love to see them!

1.The Inspiration

After being inspired by another demonstrator I created this wow z fold card since I have fallin’ in love with the “falling in love” designer series paper!!  This version of the card is pretty much like the original created by Lolascrap, thanks for the inspiration!!


From there,  I went on to create this first variation on the card using the festive birthday designer series paper and the emerald envy cardstock as the base.  I wanted to create a boy version of the card and to use some of our current birthday paper from the annual catalogue.  This card was for my nephew for his 4th birthday!  What do you think?


2. Instructions to make this wow Z fold card (for the Reese sample card):

  1. Cut 12×12 cardstock at 12 x 71/2 inches and score at 6 and 9 inches (on your 12 inch side).
  2. Cut a 1 1/2 inch strip from the 12 inch long side of your scored cardstock base.
  3. Cut matte pieces for your card at: 5 3/4 x 5 3/4, 2 3/4 x 5 3/4 and 2 3/4 x 5 3/4
  4. Cut your designer series paper at 5 10/16 x 5 10/16, 2 10/16 x 5 10/16 and 2 10/16 x 5 10/16.
  5. Using Snail adhesive, adhere your DSP pieces to your cardstock pieces, followed by adhering those to your cardstock base in the corresponding sections of the card base between the score lines.*Remember your card base should have the 2 smaller sections on the left so you don’t put your DSP on upside down.
  6. Using your Delicate Details stamp set and your corresponding ink colors of choice (to match your DSP of choice) stamp the 1 1/2 inch scored piece with 3 of the detailed stamps, alternating colors. Using your stips, fussy cut along the edge of the inked image to create a scolloped edge to the piece. *Be sure to have the 6 inch piece on the left (it’s the opposite of the card base).
  7. Fold the 1 1/2 inked piece on the score lines and line it up with the card base, in the flat position to view where it will sit on the card. Using snail adhesive adhere the left end to the card front and the far right end of the card base (the middle section does not require adhesive as it will be free standing away from the card when it is in standing position).
  8. Prepare the rest of your cut outs and inked images, including 2 small balloons in opposing ink to cardstock colors, 1 large inked ballon, 1 small glimmar paper balloon cut out (to be used as a matte to the inked balloon), 1 large glimmar paper balloon cut out (to be used as a matte to the larger inked balloon), several vellum balloon cut outs in various sizes of your choice (recommended is 2 large, 4 medium and 1 small), and lastly, a large glimmar paper full image of the hot air balloon.
  9. Starting with the vellum balloons you want to adhere flush to the card base in various locations, use snail adhesive, minimal amount is needed.
  10. Next, take the large glimmar balloon and apply snail adhesive to the back, adhere it to a piece of vellum to create a background (and give it strength) and fussy cut around the balloon with snips. At this point, lay the balloon on the card in order to see where you’d like to position it, followed by where to apply medium vellum clouds to the large glimmar balloon but apply snail to the balloon and attaching one on the front and one on the back of the glimmar balloon.
  11. Adhere 1 smaller inked ballon to the glimmar matte and the larger inked balloon to the glimmar matte. Apply dimensionals to the back of the matte and adhere them to the card base in your chosen area.
  12. Using dimensionals, adhere the last inked ballon (cardstock image only) to the card base in your chosen area, recommended over one of the vellum clouds adhered previously.
  13. If so desired, cut number and letters for birthday using large letters and large numbers framelits from glimmar paper and using dimensionals for the number (at the front of the card) apply to card (recommended with a larger vellum cloud in the background). Adhere the letters for the name with snail adhesive as you desire.
  14. Adhere large glimmar balloon (with attached vellum clouds) to the 1 1/2 inch strip over the section that is free standing away from the card so the balloon looks like it is floating when the card is standing upright. Stand card upright and enjoy the wow!

Shop Here!  Supplies used to create this Wow Card:

Product List

3. The Video

So, want to see how to make one?  What are the dimensions?  Where do you score?  This card really is super simple once you get those basics and you can create your own!! I’d love to see what you create so please share!! tag me on twitter @JanleyH – thanks!!

Here is my latest creation and the one I make in my video!! 


Going to make a new post for this card with the list of supplies just to keep it a bit more organized, watch for an upcoming post! 😉

Please show me what you create and I’d love to hear from you!! Thanks for all the support and please be patient, I’ve decided to move on to using my SLR for videos so it’s back to the drawing board on learning how to use that! 🙂

Happy Stamping!

Janley –




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