Rowan House Fundraiser & Crop this weekend!

I can’t believe it’s here!  Firstly, thank you to Barb Ducharme for including me in the process of making this happen each year.  It is a wonderful for an amazing cause and I think we make it better and better each year (toot toot 😉

So today you will find my craft room a disaster!  Between packing, and trying to find things I’ve put in a “safe” place and doing some make n take creating and prepping, you’d find the twins having to colour on the floor because the table is full.

Here’s a hint of what’s to come at my make n take on Saturday!!


Have you heard we have 5 make n takes from several different people?? It’s going to be awesome!! There will be a raffle, door prizes, silent auction, awesome food and wifi!! I’m even bringing my speaker this year so we can have music!! We will try to keep to a variety of music selections. :).

Thank you everyone that has donated, registered and supported in any way.  It looks to be another great event!

Want to learn more about Rowan House?  Check out my previous post and their website.



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