#RowanHouse Crop Creation & my absence…

Apologies for having dropped off the planet the past 2 weeks, I really only have the excuse of feeling distracted by all my trip planning, I really have struggling to think about anything else… but that is for another post 🙂 So here we are, I wanted to share my favourite creation from the #RowanHouse crop on March 11th.

I went to the crop with 2 packs of photos, a to-do list that goes back to last year and I really wanted to do these layouts.  Since the fall, watching Olivia’s love of reading grow so quickly has been amazing.  I feel so blessed to see how well she has done and continues to challenge herself.  She online chapter books, illustrated ones for now but she is only in grade 1! We spend time together reading before she goes to bed, especially when Cory is away working and she and I curl up in my bed and read our books, I so enjoy that time together.  It also allows me to feed my Outlander reading addiction 🙂



So now I’m on to crop #2 of the month, the much anticipated Crop & Create hosted by Scrapbook & Cards magazine at the Carriage House Inn in Calgary.  This one is a 2 and 1/2 day crop!! Yes, so starts Friday night and go until Sunday afternoon.  I have struggled to get excited, I feel that my heart is just not in it.  I struggled a bit with the Rowan House crop too, just haven’t felt myself when it comes to the creating.  We all go through this sometimes, life happens and we have to go with it.  I’m hoping as I start to pack over the next couple of days, I’ll start to see some inspiration come my way.

Thanks to all of you for following, supporting and your patience.



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