Hope you can all forgive me for being less than on the ball with the blogging! As I’m am super distracted by my excitement to be heading out on our must anticipated dream trip to the UK, well, mostly Scotland but London will also be so amazing… I have been wrapping up sale a bration with orders yesterday and today and as we are getting down to the wire, thought I better check in and make it known that the hours are running out!!


Still time to join my team and get the 2 FREE STAMP SETS extra bonus deal!! This also runs out tonight so if you have been procrastinating and are ready to sit down and get your shop on, now is the time!! text me asap if you need any help 🙂 403-618-9949

Click here to sign up now!!! – For only $135 you get to pick anything you want to a value of $165 and then pick any 2 free stamp sets!!

Remember, you can always order online for yourself and have it delivered right to your door via UPS – Click here to shop in my store!! 



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