Everyday Hero Bookmarks for teacher appreciation! #yourstampinscrapbooker

So when the parent council said the theme for teacher appreciation was “super hero” I was pumped to think of a way that I could contribute using our awesome Everyday Hero stamp set!

So when you need to make 60 of something, you think fast, easy, fun and useful?  Bookmarks!!! They are always my go-to when I need to make something for someone as a little gift or souvenir and the scalloped tag topper punch is a must-have for every crafter!

Check out the list of supplies I used to create them in my shop at the bottom of the post! 😉

I also got to spend some fun time in the craftroom with my girls rockin out to #OneDirection (yes, I’m a closet fan).  They are great helpers, loving to hand me the cardstock from the piles and then take the finished products and make new piles.  We are still working on them correctly counting them to make piles of 10 but we will get there, they are only 4. 🙂

Paige is my assistant in this photo.


The finished product sans ribbon on the top.  Decided to just leave them empty for the staff, if they want, they can add their own.


Selfie with Addison!


Hope they inspire you to use your scalloped tag topper too!

Supply List:

Product List


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