#StampinUp #Christmas goodies start Friday! #SwirlySnowflakes

Today’s reveal is some of the #holiday2017 #StampinUp goodies that will go live on Friday!! Get those orders in today so I can get it sent in on Friday morning!  janleygrant@hotmail.com or shop here!! But remember, you won’t see the new holiday catalogue goodies until it goes live!

So let’s do some photo reveals: Tags & Trimmings Bundle! Includes 12 rubber stamps in the set and 19 thinlets dies for $70.00 in clear-mount (that’s not photopolymer, clear is the rubber stamps, if the stamps are completely clear and the bendy ones, they will be listed as photopolymer). Found on page 15 of the catalogue.

Have you seen the cute little mini pizza boxes?? They are an adorable little 3 x 3 note size, perfect for a cookie or note cards!  They come in a box of 8 for $8.00!  Can you say Secret Santa gifts? Found on page 44 of the catalogue.


Final reveal of the day!! The Snowflakes Sentiments Bundle! 11 rubber stamps in the set of Snowflakes Sentiments and 7 dies in the thinlits for $62.00 in the clear-mount.  Or you an always buy either of the stamps or dies each.  I’m thinking I may be just in love with the Swirly Snowflakes Thinlits Dies enough to have to cave and order those to add to y collection! You will find these goodies on page 35 of the catalogue.


Still need a catalogue? They are in the bin outside my front door, stop by anytime, OR let me know and I can drop one at your door, OR I can send you one in the mail!! This catalogue goes until the new year so there is Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s in this book!

So what do you think so far?  Would love to hear the feedback and don’t forget to send those orders in asap or order directly from my shop as of Friday!!   What should I reveal tomorrow?????



#StampinUp Holiday catalogue Sept 1 #catpunch

That’s right, it’s almost holiday time!! I’m already taking orders that I will submit first thing on September 1st, that’s this Friday!!!

Back to school means all talk is fall!  Just last night we were chatting about Halloween! I’m in love with the suites this year, I’ve got my cat punch and my tiny treat boxes ready to be done up!



Tomorrow I will show off some images of the Christmas goodies!! Watch for more images and creations in upcoming weeks!! I have to admit, I am still trying to get my craft room make over done, then I can relax and plan my classes and create 🙂 But first, back to school!! Olivia starts grade 2 on Thursday, I think I’m more sad about that than about the twins starting!! My babies are all growing up!

What are you all working on these days?? I will also be selling off some bits and bobs too… stay tuned 🙂

#yourstampinscrapbooker – Oh, I changed my name on my Facebook page and my Pinterest to Your Stampin Scrapbooker too!! I will do a post about that soon too!

Happy back to school and hopefully cooler temps soon!


#Millarville Fair 2017 #scrapbooking wins!

This weekend was another milestone in Alberta and Canadian history!! Not only is it Canada 150 this year it is the Millarville Fair’s 110th!!! Yes, this small town Alberta fair has been going for that long! And, let me tell you, it runs like a well-oiled machine!!


People come from far and wide to enjoy this massive event.  It is quite the undertaking and has over 500 volunteers involved in the year-round planning.  Last year it become a two day event and does not disappoint.  In conjunction with the farmers’ market, it has halls and an arena of exhibits from all ages and backgrounds.  Last year we took the girls and Olivia discovered some other kids she knew had put in entries and so it began!  I had never thought to enter, kind of saw it as more of a local Millarville event but given the absolutely massive size of it, it’s obvious the entries are from a large area.

Olivia ended up doing a painted rock and a painted canvas in the aged 6-7 category and the twins both did a colouring page for the age 4 and under.  A big congrats to my coloring-loving 4 year old, Addison, got third place in the under 4 aged group!

Below Addison did the butterfly in the upper left corner and Paige did the Frozen page in the upper right corner (the horse does not belong to us but we were not allowed to touch anything).  IMG_4366

Addison’s butterfly –


I decided to enter a greeting card, a traditional scrapbook and a digital scrapbook.  There are so many categories, there really is something for everyone!!

Pretty pleased to have received a 1st place for my digital book entitled, “The Little German Girl” that I created years ago through #HeitageMakers detailing the story of Cory’s Grandma Holeha’s immigration to Canada whilst escaping the communist control of Germany after WWII.  Cory did it with me so we could recreate her story with as much authenticity as possible so it could be preserved for years to come for our girls and other generations to come.

I also received 1st place for my greeting card, a recent creation using the #StampinUp coffee cafe stamp set and our new embossing paste.  I received third place for my scrapbook of Addison & Paige’s first year, detailing month by month.



It was very cool to partake in something so well done and history in the making!!  We will defiantly be back next year!! Olivia is already brainstorming what she wants to create.

Watch for future posts detailing my craft room makeover in progress… I did a Facebook live last week with some of the start and some ideas.  I’ve already made some changes and so much more to come!!! When it’s all done, there will be another video.  I hadn’t planned to turn August 2017 into the makeover month but it has just taken off and here we are.  I’m already feeling so much more inspired and have so much stash to use up!

Would love to hear from you all as to what is happening in your craft rooms?

Wish you all a great back to school and routine as that is just around the corner!!


The Outlander Podcast gets some ABOotlander LOVE!


The ABOotlander LOVE series bring you The Outlander Podcast.  They started in 2013 and were the only podcast dedicated to our fandom.  There are a whole stream of them now and Ginger & Summer are still all kinds of awesome.


​​I found the Outlander Podcast when I started my own twitter journey into the wild world that is the Outlander fandom…forever ago. It makes me very grateful to know humour & intelligent conversation isn’t leaving the fandom as long as they are around.

Let’s meet the fun behind The Outlander Podcast.  Their names are Summer & Ginger, or Ginger & Summer. 

The Outlander fandom pulls all kinds into their orbit. Summer and Ginger were not immune.  This is a recap of what made them a part of this huge & wonderful world.

Summer: I found the books in the 90s, while I was living in New York and…

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#Outlander crafts! #inspired #yourstampinscrapbooker

Just when I didn’t think it could get better, my two loves have merged!! #Outlander is giving my crafty addiction a real run for its money!  #Outlander is my other addiction and now it’s come together!! I found a Facebook group of Outlander crafty people to enable and facilitate my two addictions!! I had already been making big plans for my 12×12 layouts of our #Scotland2017 trip (which I’m planning to start come September, watch for more info) and now there are #Outlander stamps and fell #Outlander crafty friends!!

I wanted to share two creations by two such creative people.  Please meet little Claire and Jamie!! Aren’t they adorable?!? I am so excited to get my very own stamp set to use for those layouts come the fall!! Thank you to Paige Harrell Carroll for sharing her cards and permitting me to promote these super cute stamps via her creations!


Another beauty that I found amongst my #Outlander friends from around the world, and a fellow crafty creator, a framed #Outlander 12×12. This beauty has #inspired me to no end!! Who wouldn’t want to have this on display beside their books and postcards?  Special thanks to Michele Deppe Lutz for sharing her creation with other #Outlander fans!  Well done to both ladies!


It’s that time again when I have to sit down and write a priority list of what to do first.  I have so many ideas and things I want to create and start and finish….I’m overwhelmed! But a good overwhelmed, right?  Can you believe I still didn’t finish my December daily from last year?? Yes, it’s still here on the table starring at me.  I’m also trying to organize the 800 photos we took on our UK trip in April and plan for how I’m going to do some traditional scrapbooking of it, and squeeze in a digital book!  That’s only the tip of the iceberg, as they say.  I’ve got the Stampin Up holiday preorder arriving any minute (is that the UPS guy I hear???) which will just add to the chaos!! I’ve also purchased some new drawers from Ikea and hoping to do a swamp out of stuff… it’s hard to purge but will feel so good!

Would love to hear from you all!! How many days to the season 3 premiere? 1 month from tomorrow!!



Facebook Live & #Outlander

I’ve had the “it feels like Monday” all day!  This week is going to fly by!! Tomorrow my holiday goodies arrive! Watch for a reveal Facebook Live on Friday at 10am on my page!! Click here: www.facebook.com/stampinwithjanley


I’m still waiting for my #Outlander stamps to arrive but watch for a post tomorrow where I’m going to share some #Outlander crafty creations by some ladies I’ve been in an Outlander crafts group.  I’ve asked for their permission so I’ll get on that for tomorrow!! I’m super excited to have more time to devote to that group as they do a monthly #Outlander craft challenge!  I’ve got some things up my sleeve too!  I can see some 12×12 layouts coming of #Outlander backgrounds to go with my Scotland trip!! #can’twait for the #ScrapbookCarnival hosted by #Creative #Scrapbooker Magazine this upcoming September!! Watch for more on that too!

Digital Scrapbook Paper
Digital Scrapbook Paper

#Outlandish pen pals has also been so much fun!! I’ve been sending and receiving postcards from all over the world and the collection is really adding up!! It’s so fun to share the love and to see how many obsessed Sassenachs are out there!! You know who you are!! If you are a #Outlander fan and would like to receive an #Outlander postcard, fire me an email telling me you saw my blog post and include your address and I’ll get one in the mail to you! janleygrant@hotmail.com