#Outlander crafts! #inspired #yourstampinscrapbooker

Just when I didn’t think it could get better, my two loves have merged!! #Outlander is giving my crafty addiction a real run for its money!  #Outlander is my other addiction and now it’s come together!! I found a Facebook group of Outlander crafty people to enable and facilitate my two addictions!! I had already been making big plans for my 12×12 layouts of our #Scotland2017 trip (which I’m planning to start come September, watch for more info) and now there are #Outlander stamps and fell #Outlander crafty friends!!

I wanted to share two creations by two such creative people.  Please meet little Claire and Jamie!! Aren’t they adorable?!? I am so excited to get my very own stamp set to use for those layouts come the fall!! Thank you to Paige Harrell Carroll for sharing her cards and permitting me to promote these super cute stamps via her creations!


Another beauty that I found amongst my #Outlander friends from around the world, and a fellow crafty creator, a framed #Outlander 12×12. This beauty has #inspired me to no end!! Who wouldn’t want to have this on display beside their books and postcards?  Special thanks to Michele Deppe Lutz for sharing her creation with other #Outlander fans!  Well done to both ladies!


It’s that time again when I have to sit down and write a priority list of what to do first.  I have so many ideas and things I want to create and start and finish….I’m overwhelmed! But a good overwhelmed, right?  Can you believe I still didn’t finish my December daily from last year?? Yes, it’s still here on the table starring at me.  I’m also trying to organize the 800 photos we took on our UK trip in April and plan for how I’m going to do some traditional scrapbooking of it, and squeeze in a digital book!  That’s only the tip of the iceberg, as they say.  I’ve got the Stampin Up holiday preorder arriving any minute (is that the UPS guy I hear???) which will just add to the chaos!! I’ve also purchased some new drawers from Ikea and hoping to do a swamp out of stuff… it’s hard to purge but will feel so good!

Would love to hear from you all!! How many days to the season 3 premiere? 1 month from tomorrow!!




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