#Millarville Fair 2017 #scrapbooking wins!

This weekend was another milestone in Alberta and Canadian history!! Not only is it Canada 150 this year it is the Millarville Fair’s 110th!!! Yes, this small town Alberta fair has been going for that long! And, let me tell you, it runs like a well-oiled machine!!


People come from far and wide to enjoy this massive event.  It is quite the undertaking and has over 500 volunteers involved in the year-round planning.  Last year it become a two day event and does not disappoint.  In conjunction with the farmers’ market, it has halls and an arena of exhibits from all ages and backgrounds.  Last year we took the girls and Olivia discovered some other kids she knew had put in entries and so it began!  I had never thought to enter, kind of saw it as more of a local Millarville event but given the absolutely massive size of it, it’s obvious the entries are from a large area.

Olivia ended up doing a painted rock and a painted canvas in the aged 6-7 category and the twins both did a colouring page for the age 4 and under.  A big congrats to my coloring-loving 4 year old, Addison, got third place in the under 4 aged group!

Below Addison did the butterfly in the upper left corner and Paige did the Frozen page in the upper right corner (the horse does not belong to us but we were not allowed to touch anything).  IMG_4366

Addison’s butterfly –


I decided to enter a greeting card, a traditional scrapbook and a digital scrapbook.  There are so many categories, there really is something for everyone!!

Pretty pleased to have received a 1st place for my digital book entitled, “The Little German Girl” that I created years ago through #HeitageMakers detailing the story of Cory’s Grandma Holeha’s immigration to Canada whilst escaping the communist control of Germany after WWII.  Cory did it with me so we could recreate her story with as much authenticity as possible so it could be preserved for years to come for our girls and other generations to come.

I also received 1st place for my greeting card, a recent creation using the #StampinUp coffee cafe stamp set and our new embossing paste.  I received third place for my scrapbook of Addison & Paige’s first year, detailing month by month.



It was very cool to partake in something so well done and history in the making!!  We will defiantly be back next year!! Olivia is already brainstorming what she wants to create.

Watch for future posts detailing my craft room makeover in progress… I did a Facebook live last week with some of the start and some ideas.  I’ve already made some changes and so much more to come!!! When it’s all done, there will be another video.  I hadn’t planned to turn August 2017 into the makeover month but it has just taken off and here we are.  I’m already feeling so much more inspired and have so much stash to use up!

Would love to hear from you all as to what is happening in your craft rooms?

Wish you all a great back to school and routine as that is just around the corner!!



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