My memory card is empty but camera still says it’s full?????

Recently I really got wild and crazy and started popping my SD card out of my camera and putting it into the slot at the back of my iMac, I know, wild, right?  For years I had always dug out the cord and plugged it in and then saw a video where the youtuber did this and I was like, why have I been making so much extra work for myself?

Additionally, once I set up my tripod with my camera attached, I wanted to avoid taking the whole camera off all the time… long story short, life is much simpler and I can clean up my card very easily too!

So then this happened!  Today I went to make a trailer for my YouTube channel and it said my card was full, like so full it could only take 3 pictures!! So, I popped it in the comp, backed it all up, my UK photos for about the 3rd time before deleting them from the camera, and fired it back into the camera, ready to go!  But not… still said it was full… okay, now I’m super confused!! So now what?  Google, of course!!

I found this youngster and his awesome video and it solved all problems!! So thought I’d share!  Do not be deterred by these youngsters online, they are often more than brilliant!

Honestly, I had gone through all the functions on the camera and figured this was what I’d have to do but I was afraid to actually do it until he advised to do so… So, click, click and done!  All good and I’m back to it saying I can take over 1100 photos again!! So, now back to the filming again…

#yourstampinscrapbooker learns something new everyday!


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