How do you buy? #nomoreonlineshop #justclickclickclick


Hey Everyone! Just a quick note to put it on record that I no longer have a Stampin Up official website and, in turn, no direct link to a shop.  That being said, YOU CAN STILL SHOP ONLINE AND PICK ME AS YOUR DEMONSTRATOR, so I can get credit for the sale.  It’s really not that rigorous a task, just a few extra steps.

Here’s the steps:

  1. Go to the Stampin Up site (make sure it has the Canadian flag in the upper left, this link should take you there, but in case it defaults to the US on your comp):
  3. Put in my name: Janley Holeha and province: Alberta
  4. Then I should pop up to the right, click “shop” and it should open a new window of the Stampin UP online shop with MY NAME IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER (that is a confirmation that you are then shopping with me!)

Thanks so much to all of you for your continued support!  Please feel free to contact me directly to order and I can do it for you and have it direct shipped 🙂



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