Bible Art Journalling #finallygettingstarted

So as many of you know that have followed any of my posts about Bible art journalling over the past year, I have wanted to do this for so long but just hadn’t actually got started… I have read, collected, bought lots of stuff, joined Facebook groups, discussed, done a make n take with Bible art journaling guru, Allison Orthner, and prayed, but just hadn’t found my confidence to take the plunge… So here goes – my first official creation all on my own!!


And the double page view where I made some notes as to how I was inspire by my priest at mass and knew I had to follow the calling!


So what’s next?  I have purchased the newly created Catholic journalling Bible but before I feel worthy of that beauty, I thought I better do some practice in my regular Bible.  I have set a goal for myself of completing at least 1 art journal per week during Lent.  It may be inspired by the weekly mass readings/homily or there are lots of scripture guides out there.  I do think that I’m going to focus on reading Mark as was the suggestion by my priest and see where that takes me.

CLICK HERE to see the NEW Catholic journaling BIBLE! I will do a future post on it as I explore it’s contents.

Are you new to Bible art journaling? Would love to hear from you and follow your journey too!  I will pray for you and please pray for me!

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#Catholic Bible art journaling – what Bible do I use?

#yourstampinscrapbooker #Bibleartjournaling journey continues…

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@CSMscrapbooker call for #Bibleartjournaling

#BibleArtJournaling @AllisonOrthner @CSMscrapbooker…the journey has been revived.. #yourstampinscrapbooker style

Bible Art Journaling…the journey of a creative Catholic

So I’ve been doing a lot of talking and not enough actual Bible art journaling.  It’s something that seems to always get put on my to-do list and there is always something more important that needs to get done.  I have realized that I need to start doing more things in my craft room that are actually for me, and what could be better than reading the word, focusing my heart and mind on God and working to grow in my relationship with Christ?  

A Bible art journaling image credit to Allison Orthner – God Bless!


So it’s time for action!  I started this post several weeks ago and something happened today that made me go back to it and get it done.  Continue to read and you will learn what I saw…

So, Catholics, what Bible should we use?  

After having been exposed to many versions of Bible art journals, none of which was a Catholic Bible, I started with to refresh my understanding of the many different translations of the Bible that are out there.  

Bible Translations Guide for Catholics – Click here!

So until today, this was my assessment of what type of Bible would be my pick for a Catholic who wants to art journal in a Bible.  The obvious choice would be the Bible of choice for Catholics, the St. Ignatious Bible, it’s a revised standard version of the Bible.  Click here to purchase on Amazon.  


That being said, it’s not at all journaling-friendly.  So, moving on…I will keep my Bible for referencing and choose a Bible designed for art journaling.  

That pick would go to the very inspiring-looking journaling Bible, the Inspire Bible.

Click here to purchase on Amazon. 

Yes, it’s gorgeous!  It’s colourful and art friendly with it’s beautiful wide margins.  That being said, it’s the New Living Translation of the Bible which is great for readability but has been translated for contemporary English and therefore, can lose some of the feel of the original scriptures.  In my opinion, the benefit of this translation is it will allow a more easily understand study of the word, encouraging the reader to connect with the scriptures.  I would encourage any art journalers using this Bible to seek out an additional translation to cross-reference the readings in order to get the most of their study and reflection.  


So, in the end, because the St. Ignatious Bible does not come in a wide-margin version, or if it does it’s a million dollars, and I, personally, felt like I needed to be reading from something more close in translation to a Bible that would be using in church or school, I had chosen to support the purchase of the ESV Journaling Bible (until today, keep reading).  It is the closest journalling Bible I could come up with to that of our preferred translation in the new revised standard version (NRSV).  I do not have one yet, I’m still getting my feet wet with the whole Bible art journaling so, no kidding, I got a King James Version at the dollar store and I’m going to go to town in that first.  I have my NRSV to cross reference the Scriptures to compare.

So after all this analysis and exploration over the past many months, can you imagine my excitement to have see this post on Facebook today?  There is a Catholic Journaling Bible available as of November!!

Catholic Journaling Bible

I had recently joined a couple of groups for Bible art journalers on Facebook, most recently a group for Catholic women, and that is where this announcement popped up! That lead me to Blessed is She!  I’ve checked out the website and Instagram and will spend some time over the next few months getting to know them and what they are offering Catholic women.  I have already signed up for the email daily devotional, which I look forward to seeing tomorrow.  I really need that accountability to connect with the word and refocus my energies on being a follower of Christ so I’m excited to have discovered them and will run with it!  

The Bible is scheduled for publishing in November by Our Sunday Visitor, Blessed is She is taking pre-orders now with release planned for January 2018.   It is a New American Bible-Revised Edition.

I especially like the final line of an article I read and it said, as a response to “what Bible to I get?”  He said… “the one you will use”… Does that not say it all?  Any Bible you will use that will bring you closer to God through the word of the Lord, and will inspire you to use your creativity is the one to get!  Remember, enjoy the process and follow where God leads you!  


Comments in this blog are my own, they are not to be attributed to any one person or source.  

@CSMscrapbooker call for #Bibleartjournaling

Call for submission!! The deadline to submit your creations to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine for the spring 2018 issue to November 1st!! Allison Orthner shared on her Facebook that there is a call out for Bible art journaling, specially revealing “life lessons”.  This really caught my eye as I’m super excited to see the creations that are out there!! These creations will be so honest, true and inspiring!! Don’t be afraid to step out of the comfort zone and share your work!


CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SUBMISSION REQUEST LIST FROM CREATIVE SCRAPBOOKER MAGAZINE! I have been published in their magazine many times and you do get a FREE copy of the magazine if they publish your work!  I will have to really start working on some Bible art journalling and be brave enough to submit 🙂

What to read more about my Bible art journaling journey? I’m due to share an update, I’ll get on that! Here is my last post, click here!

Have a great weekend! Take time for you!


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#scrapbook – A layout to remember.. #yourstampinscrapbooker memories

The day I took this photo, I knew it was every scrapbooker’s dream to get to create a layout of that very moment.  That moment when the wee ones flip through the layouts you have created of them growing up over the years, is one to remember.  As I watched them pointing and discussing and admiring the layouts, I was thrilled to experience seeing them appreciate the scrapbooks, even if they don’t know what appreciation is yet.

Paige was asking Olivia questions about what was happening in the photos and layouts, and Olivia was reflecting on the events and what she remembered.  She would even read the journalling to the twins.  I didn’t get a whole lot actually scrapbooked this past weekend at the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival hosted by Creative Scrapbooker Magazine (@CSMscrapbooker), but I did get this one done and am so proud of it!  It is already on the wall in our craft room to cherish for years to come!


As I’ve mentioned before, in recent years I have become so busy with my Stampin Up classes out of my home, and the million other things that I want to create, I have not been actually scrapbooking at home, I’ve been doing it all at crops.  Be that at a one full day crop (like the Rowan House fundraiser in March) or a 2 and 1/2 days of cropping (Crop & Create in March/April by Scrapbook & Cards Magazine), I have been able to keep up with my memory keeping hobby.  I make sure I’m well-planned with pictures printed and ready to go.  As I went to his crop, I had photos ready for a list of events from all of 2017, a new Canada 150 album by Creative Memories, as well as Canada 150 stamp by Close to My Heart, and many more goodies planned for layouts.  As I quickly realized that between shopping, make n takes that caught my eye (see previous post about Bible Art Journalling), and having to leave to go take my daughter to swimming and losing 2.5 hours, I was going to have to be selective about what I was going to get done.  I opted for what I was most inspired to do, the layouts that often get put to the side because there are so many other “things that need to get done”, like the birthdays, Christmas, etc.  I started off with a double layout of the bachelorette for my sister in law back in May to Scottsdale, followed by a very simple double of our trip to Drumheller to the dinosaur museum and finished with this beauty!!

#scrapbook says it all and I added #lovemom to it symbolize my love of them and this craft and I can only hope they will enjoy all my creations for years to come.  As I write this, the three are behind me at our craft room table drawing and colouring.  I will be forever grateful to God for the many blessings in my life and moments like these that I will cherish forever.



#BibleArtJournaling @AllisonOrthner @CSMscrapbooker…the journey has been revived.. #yourstampinscrapbooker style

This past weekend I attended an annual crop at Spruce Meadows in Calgary hosted by Creative Scrapbooker Magazine called the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival, and a carnival of fun it is!  Between the usual scrapbooking, socializing, eating, shopping, and prizes, I had time to think.  I’ve been meaning to do more scrapbooking at home, create more things just for me, and have really wanted to dig out the Bible Art journalling supplies I have acquired over the past year, all still in the packaging.  After my recent craft room make over resulted in the Bible art journalling getting its very own drawer, I it was been starring at me for weeks.  I knew the day would come very soon when I will sit down with it all and dig in.  That day was this weekend.

If you’d like to read my previous post of my Bible art journaling journey, please click here so you can read the background story to this post.


As the days drew closer to the crop, and I watched Allison Orthner’s (that’s Allison in the photo above) posts regarding her excitement about having a Bible art make n take table, I knew the Holy Spirit was really trying to work his wonders through both Alison as well as my love of all things crafty.  I went through the first day of the crop doing some scrapbooking, and shopping up a storm (watch for an upcoming post of all the goodies I bought!) but as I left at the end of that first day, and walked past Allison’s table, I knew that I had to rethink my plan for the next day.  I went home and dug out a bag and packed up all my Bible art journalling goodies and off I went for day two of the crop.

I started the day off with Allison and playing with gesso, Ranger oxide inks and water, as well as stamps, washi, and stickers by Illustrated Faith.  Alison had brought some old hymn books from her church for us to be inspired by as well as to play with the products.  Stamping or doing any form of art in the Bible can be scary.  No one wants to do something to a book so special that they are not sure will turn out as they hope.  That being said, any time you get out the gesso to do mixed media, it will be an adventure and you will never be able to do the same thing twice, accept that now!


We played on the hymn book sheets and I also created a beautiful bookmark too.  What are Distress Oxide inks? Check out this video from Creative Scrapbooker with a quick overview of what they can do! 

I bought an Illustrated Faith Praise book (had been debating for a while but the shipping to Canada is insane) so when Scrap Addicts had it for cheap, I was sold!! I was so excited, proud and inspired by the experience!  Here is a glimpse of my creations:


Today I reflect on what I have begun and am revived and inspired to continue this Bible art journey!  Today I even discovered (via the Canadian Bible Art Journalling Facebook group) there is a Facebook group for Catholic women that do Bible art!  So, after saying it hasn’t really been something the Catholic world has embraced, I am proven wrong but this social media discovery.  As I write this, I’m awaiting approval to join the group, so I will follow up with my thoughts and feelings on the group.

#dowhatmakesyouhappy is something I’ve tried to keep in mind as it is easy to become bogged down with all the “have-tos” of teaching classes.  There is always another class to prepare and supplies to organize.  It can easily become a “chore”.  Years ago (in my younger fitter days), I feel in love with aerobics and even went on to teach for several years.  However, by the end of it, I was tired of having to be accountable to my classes.  I wanted out.  I really don’t want that become the case with my Stampin Up classes and crafting.

So last night I told myself I to need to make myself accountable to me!  I know myself well enough to know that that will be good for me on many levels.  My crafting skills will grow, and my relationship with Christ will grow.  Not teaching and being in the Catholic schools on a daily basis, does lead me away from the church since I’m not involve in it on a daily basis.  I know I have to more actively take ownership of that part of my faith journey.  I would love to hear about your faith journey surrounding the Bible art journalling experience.  I would especially like to hear from other Catholics that are Bible art journalling, so I don’t feel so alone in this journey.

Want to learn more about Bible art journalling?  Click here for Allison’s blog post on how to get started!! 

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