Class Schedule 2018 #yourstampinscrapbooker

What’s going to be happening in my craft room?? So much!! In between my monthly team meetings, my newly created monthly club night, making swaps for the OnStage convention in April, learning about traveller’s journalling for our trip in March and the Bible art journalling learning curve, I will still be running at least one class per month!!!


I find if I do not make a schedule, time flies by and I will not get anything done!! My first class is coming up at the end of the month, and closed for registrations, the coffee cafe framed sampler for display!! I will post more photos and tips after the class on the 30th!!

So here is the rest of the schedule:  January – June 2018

2018 Your Stampin Scrapbooker Calendar – Click here for a download! 

Your Stampin Scrapbooker – 2018 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Jan-June

2018 January February March April May June


Technique Classes


*all classes are pre-pay only


Coffee Frame Class


Jan 30





Jan 14th

Fee: $35 or $25 no frame

Picture Perfect Birthday Cards Class


Feb 27





February 11th

Fee $25


Sympathy Cards



March 27th





March 9th

Fee $25

Mother’s Day Cards (stamps TBA)


April 24th



RSVP before

April 8th


Myths & Magic Birthday Cards


May 29th



RSVP before May 13th

Fee $25


Sunshine & Rainbows Layout & Cards Class


June 26th



RSVP before June 10th

Fee $25


Monthly Club Dates January 9 February 13 March 13 April 10 May 8 June 12
Stampin’ Stars

Coffee Dates

(Current & Interested Demonstrators)




February 8

10am Location: 94 Take the Cake, Okotoks


March 8

10am Location: 94 Take the Cake, Okotoks

*****OnStage in Red Deer April 7th!


April 12

10am Location: 94 Take the Cake, Okotoks


May 10

10am Location: 94 Take the Cake, Okotoks


June 7


Location: 94 Take the Cake, Okotoks

Where to sign up??? Email me: OR you can find all of the events above on my FACEBOOK PAGE, click here to check it out!!  Also, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list on the right hand side so you don’t miss a blog post!

Watch for an upcoming summer class or two in July/August!! I may even think about offering a retreat day, you never know!! 

Future posts:

  • traveller’s journal
  • Bible art journalling
  • my trip digital book, Heritage Makers
  • planning for a crop
























July – Watch for a summer class option, or 2!

Monthly club returns on September 11!


Janley Holeha



#Outlander crafts! #inspired #yourstampinscrapbooker

Just when I didn’t think it could get better, my two loves have merged!! #Outlander is giving my crafty addiction a real run for its money!  #Outlander is my other addiction and now it’s come together!! I found a Facebook group of Outlander crafty people to enable and facilitate my two addictions!! I had already been making big plans for my 12×12 layouts of our #Scotland2017 trip (which I’m planning to start come September, watch for more info) and now there are #Outlander stamps and fell #Outlander crafty friends!!

I wanted to share two creations by two such creative people.  Please meet little Claire and Jamie!! Aren’t they adorable?!? I am so excited to get my very own stamp set to use for those layouts come the fall!! Thank you to Paige Harrell Carroll for sharing her cards and permitting me to promote these super cute stamps via her creations!


Another beauty that I found amongst my #Outlander friends from around the world, and a fellow crafty creator, a framed #Outlander 12×12. This beauty has #inspired me to no end!! Who wouldn’t want to have this on display beside their books and postcards?  Special thanks to Michele Deppe Lutz for sharing her creation with other #Outlander fans!  Well done to both ladies!


It’s that time again when I have to sit down and write a priority list of what to do first.  I have so many ideas and things I want to create and start and finish….I’m overwhelmed! But a good overwhelmed, right?  Can you believe I still didn’t finish my December daily from last year?? Yes, it’s still here on the table starring at me.  I’m also trying to organize the 800 photos we took on our UK trip in April and plan for how I’m going to do some traditional scrapbooking of it, and squeeze in a digital book!  That’s only the tip of the iceberg, as they say.  I’ve got the Stampin Up holiday preorder arriving any minute (is that the UPS guy I hear???) which will just add to the chaos!! I’ve also purchased some new drawers from Ikea and hoping to do a swamp out of stuff… it’s hard to purge but will feel so good!

Would love to hear from you all!! How many days to the season 3 premiere? 1 month from tomorrow!!



Digital Scrapbooking Returns for #yourstampinscrapbooker #HeritageMakers

So ironically just as I was thinking about logging in to my old Heritage Makers account from years gone by, I got an email today that if I do not log in and make a purchase within 30 days my account with go inactive.  So it was a perfect timing reminder that I’m going to get on making a photo book of our UK trip, I wanted to print another copy of a book I created years ago detailing the story of my husband’s grandma’s story of escaping communist occupied Germany in 1949 to Canada.  That is what Heritage Makers is all about, preserving memories.  I also recently was thinking about how you can order those little lunch box note cards. Olivia would love those since she can pretty much read anything now, it’s so much fun!! So I will get some of those for the fall.


Digital scrapbooking has gone through it’s ups and downs in popularity.  When it first came out it grew in popularity very quickly since it was a way for those that didn’t see themselves as very “crafty” or wanting to spend lots of money on supplies to do traditional scrapbooking to create some personalized scrapbooks.  Heritage Makers added an additional incentive to choosing them as your online program of choice, their storytelling features.  That’s what put me over the top then firing off an order to Walmart or Costco for a photo book.  Journalling is an essential part to every scrapbook.  Pictures are great but without the journalling, you lose those memories of dates, quotes and details of the experiences.  Additionally, I chose to use their story book style templates to create my first book back in 2008 of the Holeha branding and it continues to be a topic of conversation around our Holeha dinner table and is on display right between the kitchen and living room for anyone to grab as needed.

The next big creation was when I wanted to write down my husband’s grandmother’s story of escaping communist controlled Germany in 1949 when she came to Canada as a young immigrant woman and settled in Saskatchewan, the end of the world as she saw it at the time.  I wanted to have a record of her story so it wouldn’t get lost and for my children to be able to reread and retell it to their families in the future.  Cory and I managed to get it done before she passed away and then printed copies for ourselves and for his Dad.  Now many years later,  I find myself logging in to print another copy for another family member.

I am not a Heritage Makers consultant so I am not looking to sell anything with this post, just the share the love of memory keeping in another format and to share my continued scrapbooking adventures here in our craft room.  Those adventures also consist of making sympathy cards with old and new stamps and making bookmarks with the new 2017-2018 in-colors.  What are you crafting today?  Are you a digital scrapbooker?  Would love to hear what software/program you use and why you choose it?

****All comments are in my opinion, not based on any current research statistics, just my good ol’ opinion. #yourstampinscrapbooker

Happy crafting!