I’m back!! #don’tgiveuponme #yourstampinscrapbooker

Please forgive me!! Well, forgive my Mac for deciding to take a extended vacation… My last post was too long ago before we went on holidays and I came back to find my computer not turn on… it went to the Apple hospital and got it back yesterday!!!

So, yes, I have a list of things to post including my SWAPS from OnStage! ¬†AND OnStage was yesterday!! and what’s coming up in the #yourstampinscrapbooker craftroom between now and June!!

Again, forgive my absence and rest assured, I’m back!

Here is a quick snap of the fam and I with Mickey on our first family trip to Disneyland!! It does seem so long ago now even though it was only a couple of weeks…


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Traveller’s Notebook – A new adventure #yourstampinscrapbooker

Off on two new adventures!

Our first family trip to California and Disney and my first attempt at traveller’s notebook! ¬†I’m pretty laid back about this crafty experience, don’t have super high expectations for myself, just like the idea of sitting down in the eve to gather things we have collected, use some post-its where I’d like to put photos, do a bit of colouring and glueing embellishments and reflecting on our day! ¬†I’m hoping this will set up my trip journalling as I usually just take a tiny notebook and write down the day’s events, highlights and maybe the food. ¬†I’m hoping this will allow me to bring home that much more info on our trip to scrapbook in the larger format. ¬†I’m going to try and collect more little moments, write down any funny moments/quotes/happenings to remember and come home with more detail to our memories.

I want to say a very special thank you to @kaezmum for all her help, you can find her on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCXkqN408HxSW6a0ec-Gheg

Jenn was so generous to meet me for coffee and sit down and go through the ins and outs of creating a traveller’s notebook. ¬†She even gave me this beauty with the pineapple on it and a few other goodies to get me started!! She has some great videos on all of her travelling across Canada last year and the notebooks she created!! What an amazing souvenir to have from their six week road trip!! ¬†For longer trips, this would be an awesome way to record as much as you can, because who is going to remember all that fun stuff later? ¬†I’m currently starting to prepare to start to scrapbook our trip to England and Scotland last year and concluding I wish I had journaled so much more detail to the days, a learning experience that I hope to improve upon here ūüôā

Here is a photo of a few things I’m taking ūüôā


What have I decided to take? Because, I can tell you, if my hubby sees me coming with this, I’m going to get the lecture of, “I backpacked for a year with one backpack!”, yes, I’ve hear it every trip! haha So I’m keeping it super simple, and it is only a week, if it was longer, I’d definitely take inks and stamps and would probably invest in one of those little travel printers that Jenn has, but for this, I’m just going to stick a post-it for a photo reminder ūüôā


  1. Zip up Bag from Thirty One Gifts – It’s called the Day by Day Case – biblebagIt’s¬†intended for a Bible but for this trip, it’s perfect for traveller’s notebook – If you’d like to order one online, click here and you will reach my friend, Nicky, in Calgary, AB.¬†
  2. Traveller’s notebook – can be purchased online or at Michael’s, there are all kinds out there, I’m not sure exactly where this one came from but Jenn also makes them so there are all kinds of ideas out there.
  3. Faber Castell Gelatos – to add some each color and fun!
  4. Adhesive tape runner – Snail by Stampin Up – click here to purchase online ūüôā¬†
  5. Washi Tape – light and simple to travel with and can add so much to the fun – I have a variety here from the princess one to Stampin Up that I’ve collected ūüôā
  6. Small post-it notes to stick in for photos and notes to do later.
  7. Embellishments – I’m taking some Disney princess chipboard and some Jolee’s flip flops that are adhesive backed.
  8. Writing Utensils – I’m taking a blue pen, black Micron .08 and a few Faber Castell Pitt artist pens, I just love them, in blue, pink and gold ūüėČ Take whatever you prefer that is comfortable and fun.

Please comment if you have any suggestions for this newbie to the craft, I’m super excited to dig in and we are counting down the hours now until we head off to the airport.

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Thanks! Janley #yourstampinscrapbooker

Your Stampin Scrapbooker November Madness!

Wow! 9 days since my last post (okay, except that brief post this am about the deals! that spurred me to get on the ball!!), already? ¬†Things have been a bit crazy around my house! ¬†Between doing a Christmas card class for some of the teachers at Olivia’s school, which was so fun to see people wowed by the Big Shot for the first time, and then just yesterday helping out with the children’s Christmas card making at her school, this week has been pretty focused on those 2 events.


Yesterday’s Christmas card making at Good Shepard has been a tradition at the school for years so it’s a fairly well-oiled machine. ¬†It was pretty much what I expected (having been there last year as a parent) but was still has its moments of stressfulness. ¬†That being said, seeing faces smile and be wowed by stamping and then punching out our little gingerbread man made helping 200 kids make cards worth it!! It was quite the experience!! I definitely learned a few lessons on how to improve next year. ¬†I did take all advice into account and think it was good, but I will definitely make a few changes to make life easier on myself in the future! What I think will be boring, will still be fun for the kids, keep that in mind!! The fun is not for them! ¬†So next year I will have everything punched/cut and in bins ready to go. ¬†So all I have to do is pass them the pile and then they can assemble/stamp. ¬†At one point there were like 20 people around the table all wanting attention and now…. let’s just say, I was sweating! LOL But, overall, it was super fun and I’d definitely do it again!! And next year, all 3 of my girls will get to go!!

We also had Light Up Okotoks on Friday night, our annual town holiday light up of the Christmas tree and Christmas kick off.  It was a bit chilly at -15 but not unbearable, I was thinking it would feel worse but we had lots of fun, goodies and even a photo with Santa!!

LightUp-web-banner 2017

Hubby and I went to the dinner theatre Saturday night for my birthday dinner and then, just to add to the scheduled weekend, we took the girls to Dinsey on Ice yesterday!! So, overall, it’s been a jammed week…



So what’s on my to do list?? Well, cookie dough! LOL Sunday is my annual Christmas cookie exchange so need to get on that… I also have some samples to make for my last Christmas card class! ¬†Throw in glueing on some Brownie badges and the list goes on!

Hope this finds you all well and getting into the holiday fun! ¬†We also are pretty much all decorated, just have to finish up the tree this eve… yes, I got that done in the mix of all that ūüôā

Happy Holidays!




Happy Thanksgiving, #crafters! #yourstampinscrapbooker

Just wanted to send out a post to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Arrived in Saskatoon on Wednesday so have had a great time with family!! We had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and today took the girls to a city pool! It’s been a wonderful weekend! 

Have had great food, great drinks, great company and some relaxing colouring time!! 

Big finale with Outlander tonight and the drive home tomorrow to go back to reality.  

My craftroom won’t be lonely long, need to get ready for my team meeting Thursday and start organizing for my next Christmas card class.

Hope this finds you all in good health and enjoying a relaxing weekend too!



#scrapbook – A layout to remember.. #yourstampinscrapbooker memories

The day I took this photo, I knew it was every scrapbooker’s dream to get to create a layout of that very moment. ¬†That moment when the wee ones flip through the layouts you have created of them growing up over the years, is one to remember. ¬†As I watched them pointing and discussing and admiring the layouts, I was thrilled to experience seeing them appreciate the scrapbooks, even if they don’t know what appreciation is yet.

Paige was asking Olivia questions about what was happening in the photos and layouts, and Olivia was reflecting on the events and what she remembered. ¬†She would even read the journalling to the twins. ¬†I didn’t get a whole lot actually scrapbooked this past weekend at the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival hosted by Creative Scrapbooker Magazine (@CSMscrapbooker), but I did get this one done and am so proud of it! ¬†It is already on the wall in our craft room to cherish for years to come!


As I’ve mentioned before, in recent years I have become so busy with my Stampin Up classes out of my home, and the million other things that I want to create, I have not been actually scrapbooking at home, I’ve been doing it all at crops. ¬†Be that at a one full day crop (like the Rowan House fundraiser in March) or a 2 and 1/2 days of cropping (Crop & Create in March/April by Scrapbook & Cards Magazine), I have been able to keep up with my memory keeping hobby. ¬†I make sure I’m well-planned with pictures printed and ready to go. ¬†As I went to his crop, I had photos ready for a list of events from all of 2017, a new Canada 150 album by Creative Memories, as well as Canada 150 stamp by Close to My Heart, and many more goodies planned for layouts. ¬†As I quickly realized that between shopping, make n takes that caught my eye (see previous post about Bible Art Journalling), and having to leave to go take my daughter to swimming and losing 2.5 hours, I was going to have to be selective about what I was going to get done. ¬†I opted for what I was most inspired to do, the layouts that often get put to the side because there are so many other “things that need to get done”, like the birthdays, Christmas, etc. ¬†I started off with a double layout of the bachelorette for my sister in law back in May to Scottsdale, followed by a very simple double of our trip to Drumheller to the dinosaur museum and finished with this beauty!!

#scrapbook says it all and I added #lovemom to it symbolize my love of them and this craft and I can only hope they will enjoy all my creations for years to come.  As I write this, the three are behind me at our craft room table drawing and colouring.  I will be forever grateful to God for the many blessings in my life and moments like these that I will cherish forever.



Getting started #scrapbooking? #wheretostart

I recently have been meeting lots of new ladies online via my #Outlander fan group on Facebook. ¬†As a result, of course there are many out there that are card makers, crafters, and interested in learning what it’s all about. ¬†Especially with the discovery of the #Outlander stamps that have shared in a previous post: click here.¬†

So when one of the ladies told me she’s love to learn about scrapbooking and where to start, I thought, I need to get back to basics. ¬†I have only been blogging for about a year and am still learning so much and constantly trying to better my creating, posting, social media-ing (if that’s a word) and really hadn’t thought about making sure I cover some very important information, where to start?


So for today I’m going to start with a few basic tips and the most essential basic supplies to get to started recording and scrapbooking your memories, because that’s what it’s all about!

#where to start?

  1. Ask yourself why you want to do this? to make something pretty? ¬†to preserve memories? to create something to be left behind for your children or family? ¬†to enjoy the process? ¬†For me, the answer is all of the above. ¬†Your answer to this is what will inspire you to do this and give you direction on where to start. ¬†If it’s memories, gather those photos and moments that you want to preserve and go from there. ¬†TwinBirth
  2. Understand that you cannot do this wrong!  Everyone has a different style and expectation for themselves.  There is no wrong way to scrapbook.  What you create is yours and creating something means you are that much further ahead that before, right?  Do not be too hard on yourself to start, we all grow and change with the process, enjoy the experience and be proud of what you create!
  3. Gather a few basic supplies to get you started (see my recommended list below).
  4. Create on your own, or with others, again, no rules! ¬†Perhaps you want to do it with your friends, at a class, at a crop (because as a newbie you’ve heard about these things but are not sure what they are all about, watch for a post next week as I’m off to a 2 day crop next weekend), or on your own at home with a coffee in hand. ¬†Do what makes you happy and comfortable in your scrapbooking journey.

enjoy the process

#yourstampinscrapbooker recommended supplies to get started:

  1. Paper Trimmer – Here is our Stampin Up trimmer but feel free to pick one up at Michael’s with a 50% off coupon to get you started
  2. Adhesive of choice – tape runner, glue stick, liquid glue – don’t over think it, I’d suggest a tape runner as it’s the easiest thing to use if you are scrapbooking using photos – Here is our Stampin Up Snail adhesive tape runner (you can purchase refills for this later)
  3. Scissors – A good pair of scissors is important so you get your best creations – Here are our Stampin Up Snips, they come with a cover for the cutting part and are the sharpest best scissors I’ve ever had, I can never go back…
  4. Paper – Do not get overwhelmed by the amount of paper that out there. ¬†I’d suggest starting with some card stock in colours you think are appropriate for whatever you are scrapbooking, ie. winter theme, silvers, blues, very vanilla (like a cream color) or summer theme, yellows, greens, etc. ¬†If you would like me to advise you specifically, please ask! Here is our whisper white card stock (a fancy name for white). ¬†You are welcome to start with some cheap paper from Michael’s but if you have ever touched or used some paper from Stampin Up or other companies, you will easily see it is much stronger. ¬†That personal preference will come with time.
  5. Journally pen and/or markers – An essential piece to any scrapbooking is the journaling. ¬†Scrapbooking is more than just glueing photos to some paper. ¬†It’s about preserving the memories and recording the information that go with the photos. ¬†Whether it’s just the date/place or a paragraph of what happened on that special day including memorable quotes, you will need to write some journaling. ¬†Here is a link to our Stampin Up journaling pens (they come in a 2 pack).¬†


That is pretty much the basics, from there you will want to add embellishments, stamps, ribbons, 3D items and grow in your confidence in your abilities to scrapbook. ¬†REMEMBER: you cannot do it wrong! ¬†Enjoy! ¬†Please contact me if you’d like any personal advice on where to start, where to go from what you have already or how to take your scrapbooking to the next level. ¬†Email: janleygrant@hotmail.com

Would love to hear if this helped you at all. ¬†Veterans, did I miss anything? ¬†I didn’t research or review for this post, just wrote off the top of my head, so if I forgot anything , please let me know ūüôā






#Outlander stamps! #droughtlander ends in 2 sleeps! #yourstampinscrapbooker

2 sleeps! I can tell you for us #Outlander fans, months ago we never thought this day would come!! So what am I doing on Sunday? Going to an Outlander season 3 premiere party, of course! ¬†We are heading to the Kilt & Caber in Calgary¬†and I’m just about counting down the hours!

So what is happening in my craft room to get ready? ¬†Well, if you saw in previous posts, it was in the summer I spotted the Outlander stamp set by Kindred Stamps and didn’t have to think too long on making that online purchase!

Digital Scrapbook Paper
Digital Scrapbook Paper

Was a struggle to get them in my hands, between back order and USPS taking it on an adventure and then Canadian customs, weeks and weeks had gone by and I was just about ready to throw in the towel and they arrived!! Ironically, just the day I was down at the post office asking if there was anything they could tell me, which they said they couldn’t, I came home to find them in the box that same day! ¬†I have to say Kindred Stamps was super good about the issue, they were very apologetic and refunded me all myself shipping fees for my inconvenience. ¬†Really appreciate that, thanks, Kindred Stamps!

So what do you make for book readers, a bookmark, of course!! Here are some play by play photos of my creation and even my twins colouring their own Jamie & Claire!

I used whisper white cardstock for the base cut at 8 inches by 2 inches.  I used our current punch the Scalloped Tag Topper, page 206 in the annual catalogue for my bookmark topper.

Next I used a retired designer series paper called Maritime DSP and I just barely had enough.  I cut that at 7 inches by just less than the 2 inches. I adhered it to the card stock bookmark with Snail adhesive.



I used the 1 3/4 circle punch for the sentiment in the middle (from a retired stamp set called Going Global), between our cutie Jamie and Claire. I used a retired scallop punch to matte the sentiment. The sentiment is stamped in real red and matted to a real red card stock.

I punched out Jamie and Claire also using a retired tag punch but you can use many different sizes of our framelits in various shapes.  Above you will see the colors I used for them are as follows:

Claire – chocolate chip hair, dress is night of navy and soft suede.

Jamie – cajun craze hair, chocolate chip belt/pants, basic black boots, and baked brown sugar (retired) on the coat.

There are absolutely no rules on colouring these little guys! I just wanted to share because I was keen to get their hair as accurate as possible. ¬†The rest I just kind of winged it and I chose the Night of Navy because it matched the DSP colors which were real red and night of navy. For the bookmark tie at the top, I used a retired vintage lace but I’d recommend our current products of the linen thread or the burlap ribbon.

So here is the finish product!!


What do you think, Outlander fans? Will my fellow fans at the premiere by happy to go home and add this to their #Outlander collection on their bookshelves?

The twins very much enjoyed Jamie and Claire too!


Thanks! Watch for upcoming posts about the premiere party and a craft room makeover reveal to come!

Shop here for all the current products I used and recommend, thanks for the support!

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#Millarville Fair 2017 #scrapbooking wins!

This weekend was another milestone in Alberta and Canadian history!! Not only is it Canada 150 this year it is the Millarville Fair’s 110th!!! Yes, this small town Alberta fair has been going for that long! And, let me tell you, it runs like a well-oiled machine!!


People come from far and wide to enjoy this massive event. ¬†It is quite the undertaking and has over 500 volunteers involved in the year-round planning. ¬†Last year it become a two day event and does not disappoint. ¬†In conjunction with the farmers’ market, it has halls and an arena of exhibits from all ages and backgrounds. ¬†Last year we took the girls and Olivia discovered some other kids she knew had put in entries and so it began! ¬†I had never thought to enter, kind of saw it as more of a local Millarville event but given the absolutely massive size of it, it’s obvious the entries are from a large area.

Olivia ended up doing a painted rock and a painted canvas in the aged 6-7 category and the twins both did a colouring page for the age 4 and under.  A big congrats to my coloring-loving 4 year old, Addison, got third place in the under 4 aged group!

Below Addison did the butterfly in the upper left corner and Paige did the Frozen page in the upper right corner (the horse does not belong to us but we were not allowed to touch anything).  IMG_4366

Addison’s butterfly –


I decided to enter a greeting card, a traditional scrapbook and a digital scrapbook.  There are so many categories, there really is something for everyone!!

Pretty pleased to have received a 1st place for my digital book entitled, “The Little German Girl” that I created years ago through #HeitageMakers detailing the story of Cory’s Grandma Holeha’s immigration to Canada whilst escaping the communist control of Germany after WWII. ¬†Cory did it with me so we could recreate her story with as much authenticity as possible so it could be preserved for years to come for our girls and other generations to come.

I also received 1st place for my greeting card, a recent creation using the #StampinUp coffee cafe stamp set and our new embossing paste. ¬†I received third place for my scrapbook of Addison & Paige’s first year, detailing month by month.



It was very cool to partake in something so well done and history in the making!!  We will defiantly be back next year!! Olivia is already brainstorming what she wants to create.

Watch for future posts detailing my craft room makeover in progress… I did a Facebook live last week with some of the start and some ideas. ¬†I’ve already made some changes and so much more to come!!! When it’s all done, there will be another video. ¬†I hadn’t planned to turn August 2017 into the makeover month but it has just taken off and here we are. ¬†I’m already feeling so much more inspired and have so much stash to use up!

Would love to hear from you all as to what is happening in your craft rooms?

Wish you all a great back to school and routine as that is just around the corner!!